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Apr 17

Adam Sandlere Meme


Adam Sandlere Meme

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Apr 15

dunno how I made the train but who cares when I have one of these

Apr 14

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O People- Planets

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ever since i did mushrooms i love to dance 

Apr 12

have a horrible feeling that I’m going to have to cancel this tour. fuck this shit i try too hard for nothing pretty much all of the time lol

Apr 11

probably the worst day I’ve had in a while. shouts out to being socially disconnected at a party, being put down on your artwork, and having a shitty ass person to live with. constantly drunk, constantly dissatisfied

Apr 9

sheer mag is the best band i’ve ever listened to

Apr 8

sometimes I get depressed

and then I remember I’m going on a road trip around the country playing shows with two close friends of mine \m/

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Apr 7




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Anonymous asked: do you love yourself?


i think i’m getting there

Apr 5

that interview went really well, stoked to see how this all ends up

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